Monday, April 20, 2009

Always behind the eight ball....

Avery and Emma on our hike
Camryn girl....isn't she adorable?

Bonnie B. with a cake ball :)

Christine and Siera making cake balls

My precious boy

Where did she get those lips?

More cake balls. I'm getting hungry...

Colton's new hiding place

Colton on our hike. He loved it! To have no gates, locks, etc. A dream come true!

Colton, Avery, Luke and Emma at our picnic.

We love to take the kids on a walk in their p.j.s before bedtime.

What she lives in when no one is looking :)

I wish I had more time to blog. My kids are getting bigger each day and I can't seem to make it stop or take enough pictures to put my heart at ease that I "captured" as much as I could. Somebody please make it stop! To satisfy myself for now, I'm going to post a whole bunch of random pictures rather than pretending it will get done any other way . Maybe I'll catch up this way?

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