Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Schemer

Recently, one of Avery's teachers told me, "She is soo sweet but I can tell there is scheming behind those eyes." I laughed because the gig was up. I have known this for some time but to think that someone else had figured her out was funny, and a little scary.

Today, she drove the point home a couple of times. When I asked her to finish her broccoli, she said, "Mommy, I have a great plan. How about you go in your room, and when you come back, my broccoli will be all gone." This said with a straight face.


When we were discussing what day of the week it was, she didn't want to admit that she didn't know what it was so she said, "How about you can guess first and then I'll tell you what day it is."

She just turned four. I'm bracing myself for fourteen....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The folks :)
Ravenne. We are hoping she grows out of her awkward stage soon :)

Avery girl looking for eggs.

Gage being pensive.

Camryn girl. She melts my heart.

Colton spent the day crawling around the flowers.

We spent this Easter at my mom and dad's house with my brothers, Tamara, and my nieces and nephews. Despite being a little chaotic, I love our get-togethers. I am so blessed to have parents who are healthy and able to enjoy all of their grandchildren...oh, those kids are precious. It was a great day to reflect on all these blessings, along with the ultimate gift of redemption in Christ and our hope of eternal life with Him.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Always behind the eight ball....

Avery and Emma on our hike
Camryn girl....isn't she adorable?

Bonnie B. with a cake ball :)

Christine and Siera making cake balls

My precious boy

Where did she get those lips?

More cake balls. I'm getting hungry...

Colton's new hiding place

Colton on our hike. He loved it! To have no gates, locks, etc. A dream come true!

Colton, Avery, Luke and Emma at our picnic.

We love to take the kids on a walk in their p.j.s before bedtime.

What she lives in when no one is looking :)

I wish I had more time to blog. My kids are getting bigger each day and I can't seem to make it stop or take enough pictures to put my heart at ease that I "captured" as much as I could. Somebody please make it stop! To satisfy myself for now, I'm going to post a whole bunch of random pictures rather than pretending it will get done any other way . Maybe I'll catch up this way?